Day 49 again

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Sep 5, 2019

I am actually thinking of going to buy cigarettes today but I know it won’t help the situation that I am in!

I am in the negative in my checking but I do have a little money on my credit card to buy cigarettes!

I went to my church to ask for help this month (they have helped me in the past), and even though I was promised help (I spent my bank loan money to buy food) they decided to give the money to someone else!

I went to my daughter and son-in-law for help! I only have 3 more payments left on my bank loan but I owe a lot of money on credit cards (over $11,000). They decided the best thing for me to do is bankruptcy! I feel that if I could get the money for the loan I could afford to get another loan, pay off my credit cards, and close them all which would put me at ease! 

I don’t know if this is a proper place to post all of this information or not; but any kind of help right now would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for reading this!

I hope everyone has a great day!!