Day 14 again

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Aug 1, 2019

Yesterday was a good day!

To get through the morning I concentrated on taking care of my cat, playing a little bit of my games on my phone, eating my breakfast, and going to my Nicotine Anonymous meeting! It really helps a lot to go to the meetings because we are a small group (I don’t do well in large groups)) and with everyone sharing what we are going through! They also have a book (which I could finally afford to purchase for $14) which has daily readings that really help! The book is called A Year Of Miracles and is written by Nicotine Anonymous members! The rest of my day was spent relaxing, taking a two hour nap, and playing more games on my phone!

Today is going to be a good day because I plan on going to my daughter’s and visiting with her and my granddaughter for a couple of days! My granddaughter is 5 and she always keeps me busy doing different things which helps me not think about smoking!

I hope that everyone has a great day!!