Day 8 again

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Jul 26, 2019

Yesterday was really interesting! It started off with a couple of cravings with my morning coffee and waiting for transportation to pick me up for my doctor’s appointment. While waiting I ended up eating my breakfast and then doing my dishes that had piled up because of my depression! I finally made it to my doctor’s appointment an hour early and after filling out paperwork read my book (I always take a book with me to my doctors appointments). After seeing the doctor I ended up waiting two hours for transportation to take me home. The cravings got worse and there was a man who kept going outside to smoke. As I was watching him and waiting around so long I felt like asking him for a cigarette and a lighter; but instead I decided to read my book. Finally after being there for three hours I finally got home and could continue on with my day! The rest of my day went smoothly with me talking to my daughter a few times, spending time playing games on my phone, and going for a longer walk then I used to take.

Today I am going to try mowing my lawn; but with my COPD I’m not sure how far I will get!

I hope that everyone has a great day!!