Day 29

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Apr 29, 2019

I have been sick since Thursday the 25th! It started with me feeling like I was having an allergic reaction to raking leaves in my back yard! I felt my throat closing up so I went to the er on Friday! After they did a lot of blood work and x-rays of my chest they told me there was nothing wrong with me and to go home, not do anymore raking, drink plenty of fluids, and get lots of rest! Well yesterday I ended back in the er (I have copd) wither my oxygen level below 89 (it’s suppose to stay above 90)! Again they did more blood work and x-rays to see if my lungs and heart was ok! Everything came back that there was nothing wrong and my oxygen level was ok according to their machine! They did finally put me on antibiotics and steroids and sent me home! Today I decided to take a short walk which was a struggle but after catching my breath I was in the bathroom spitting up a lot of thick mucus which made me feel better (I have done that three times today)! Needless to say that all turned into a bad cold!

I hope that everyone is having a great day today  !