Day 11

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Apr 11, 2019

Today started off good until I realized I had run out of cereal for breakfast. I ended up having a yogurt and bagel. I can’t believe how hungry I have been lately!

The Pastor was suppose to stop by today; but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Because of the stress he causes me I probably would have been dying for a cigarette after he left.

I ended up doing some more yard work to stay busy and ended up with another sinus headache! It must be caused by my allergy to the leaves that I am raking! Thank goodness I only have one small part of the lawn to do them I will be done! I don’t know what I can find to do after that to keep busy and my mind off of wanting to smoke!

I did end up taking a two and a half hour nap today; but it didn’t help me get rid of my headache.

I hope that everyone is having a great day  !