Day 1

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Apr 1, 2019

It is a little past 8:00am and I am already off to a rocky start. I have been up since 3:30am, I am feeling tired, and I have been thinking that if I had one cigarette I would feel more awake. I know that that is not true because it will only make me feel worse. My last cigarette last night made me feel like my mouth and tongue were burning plus all I wanted to do was go to bed. I cann’t go back to bed now because I have my Bible Study group in a few hours.

I also started thinking where could I get the money for a pack. My credit cards are all maxed out and my monthly check that I haven’t gotten yet is already spent on bills and credit card payments because of all the cartons of cigarettes that I already bought and smoked. I cann’t believe that I was spending almost $60.00 on a cheap brand of cigarettes when I could have been saving that money!!

I hope this day gets better!!