Nicotine Monster

Blog Post created by Gotee71 on Jan 26, 2021

When I read  that the cigarette companies product is not the cigarette but the nicotine, it blew my mind. The cigarette is just a vehicle to dispense the nicotine like a needle to dispense heroine, my mind got blown away again. This is my 3rd day of quitting and unlike in the past, I first educated myself. 


I'm also playing mind games. If my mind is going to try to trick me into smoking, I might as well play tricks on it too. I've created an incredibly disgusting image of the nicotine monster. It is so nasty looking in my mind, with blasters all over constantly popping. When the thought of smoking pops in my mind, I take a deep breath into my ever clearing lungs and imagine the clean oxygen striking a blow to the nicotine monster. 


I am also staying really close here too. I'm reading my pledge first thing in the morning, asking God to remove the compulsion for the day, put a smile on my face and go about my day. 


God bless everyone snd thank you.