It's Possible!

Blog Post created by Gointotryagain on Feb 6, 2020

I had my last 1/2 of a ciggy on January 21st. I miss having that first ciggy of the day. That and a cup of coffee was heaven to me! Knowing that, I started adding MUCH less flavored creamer. It helps a lot. The first few days, I actually dreaded getting out of bed knowing I couldn't smoke! That is slowly dissipating. I can't say I don't miss smoking.  Chantix helped make smoking much less pleasurable as it should. Unfortunately, it also made me terribly sick to my stomach. So I bought some Nicorette to try and the mints gave me blisters in my mouth. So, at this point it's just me and the Lord. Strangely enough,  I caught a very bad cold around the same time so my activity level is very low. But, everything will work out! Quitting is too hard to have to do again! Thanks for "listening"!