I want a glass of wine!

Blog Post created by Gnarlynat on Jun 1, 2020

I love being outside in nice weather and for years part of the fun in that was porch or deck drinking.  ( and smoking).   I haven't had a drink because I am scared I'll make a dumb decision and smoke. I don't have any cigarettes in the house, but I have 2 neighbors who would be happy to provide if I said I needed one. (Eek.) I really want a glass of wine right now.  The workday is over. My head is killing me. Wine sounds ah-mazing.   I don't think 1 glass would make me want to smoke, but maybe it would, so I won't do it. I will take my dog on a walk instead. Make some iced tea. Listen to music. Read. Enjoy the weather on the deck without wine.