A Safe Space

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Oct 31, 2019




I discovered tonight a safe space.  My car.  I was teed off, very upset and it was raining and I couldn't go to the hammock to be alone, and sometimes of late even the hammock doesn't sooth because there's too much traffic noise. 

I'm a person who loves utter silence.  Well, no, not utter silence, just the silence of nature, sans all human sounds.  Nature can be loud but it's a happy loudness.  Well, unless it's a constantly barking dog.  


So I sat in my car with the windows closed.  Silence.  I could lower the seat back in a position of repose.  Turn the light off in the garage, a happy sensory deprivation chamber.  Of course the engine wasn't running.  My desire wasn't to 'off' myself, just turn off the extreme emotions and sensory anxieties until I could catch my emotional breath and function once again without being in extreme selfish, bitchy stress mode.


I offer it to you as a suggestion if you need such a place of quietude and respite.  It may not be a garden with wind chimes, but it IS a place you can be alone, and stop the bombardment of external input.  Though you'll still be stuck with your own internal chattering mind.   I remember someone recently saying they wanted to be alone and so I suggest this "tool" if you will.  It really helped me.  


Oh, and you can lock the door if need be.   Though I hope that's never needed by anyone for physical danger reasons.  I mean it more as a kid's club house KEEP OFF sign emotionally.  Hey, bring a pillow.  BREATHE!  But do open the window every once in a while.  Stale breath exhalations I discovered are kind of nasty after about 10 minutes!  lol


And always remember your sense of humor!