Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Sep 12, 2019

Seriously. Are you waiting for the right time to quit? If so, what exactly IS that right time in your thinking? After the next vacation?  After your birthday party?  After some graduation or bah mitzvah,  or cookout or whatever celebration it is that is upcoming that you want to wait to get over?  Waiting ‘til after Christmas is over?  


Or perhaps its waiting until after putting down your pet, or getting the results of a biopsy, or the upcoming job interview or whatever THIS particular stressful time in your life is about.  


Oh yes your quit will wait. It can wait and probably has, FOREVER. But can your body wait? Can the effects of smoking on it wait? Can your lungs wait?  If you're afraid of getting a smoking related disease, quitting will help to alleviate that fear.  No?  To an addict, there is never a good time to quit.


Meanwhile you’re still doing precisely what you know in your heart of hearts is not good for you. Waiting.

What are you waiting for?


That diagnosis of COPD?  That spot on your lung?  Until your cough gets so bad you simply have to have it checked out?

Please don’t - wait - ‘til then.  Because then it’s likely to be too late to fix it in a happy way.  Oh yes, modern medicine can fix all sorts of things. There are nebulizers that can help open up your airwaves.  There’s portable oxygen you can carry with you in a nice small little bag now.  You can have lung reductions.  You have even have lung lobes removed. You can have lung transplants.  But those really aren’t the “happy” ways of fixing the problem after you’ve waited - too long.


The happiest way (for your body, at least), is to just stop smoking and vaping.  Put ‘em down and never look back.

The problem IS, our emotional brain doesn’t find it so happy during the quitting withdrawal process.  Guess what?  We’re addicted.  That’s why we feel the discomfort of quitting.  And that's the price we pay.


Quitting isn’t fun, I’ll grant you.  It doesn't make us happy, emotionally (until later).  But it sure does make our lungs happy.  And our lungs are what we inhale the breath of life through.  No lungs, no breath, no life.


Breathe.  Live.  Be ‘woke’, don’t smoke.  I think I'll make that my new mantra.


What are we waiting for

Waiting for the right time