Quotable EX Quotes

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Sep 12, 2019

There are some amazingly potent statements made by the new and and old members on this quit journey here on this site.  I thought it might be nice to capture some of them.  And so I'm attempting to do so. It's totally subjective on my part.  But it's open to all who have had something someone has said in a blog or in a response to blog that has moved them toward  a greater understanding or toward maintaining their quit or toward just spurring them on to trying to keep on trying.


Here's a starter.  It's what spoke to me in their response.   Other points in their response may speak to YOU.  As we say - take what works and leave the rest :



"Nobody can do it for you.  You have to do it for yourself.  But then you are the one who will benefit from having made the changes so it sounds fair to me.  Your choices.  Your life. Your rewards.  Your consequences.  All yours."  (Ladybug)


"but for once in my life I put me first and my quit thing I ever did."  (Colleen)


"So many times I put it off. Only EXcuses is what it boils down to." (Jackie)


"when the time came when I had a hard time breathing air, it was clear the time had come to quit." (Daniela)


So many internal blog responses are lost.  So if you see a response that made an impact - feel free to share the entire response here.  There are so many responses I see that just are lost.  Not to the person who received it (they read it) , but to so many others that need to hear it.  


Maybe this will be a blog that can contain those beautiful responses?


I don't know.  Just passing thoughts.  I for one will be grabbing those amazing responses to put in here.