Some Wisdom from a Wisedom

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Sep 1, 2017

There's an active and ongoing blog here called Let's Get Moving Challenge   Interestingly the person who created the blog has never been back.  But it spoke to many of us who felt the need to challenge ourselves to Get MOVING!  And we have.  And there are many things discussed and shared there.  


I wanted to put one of these sharing out in a blog for all to see and to point it up.  Because it has so much wisdom.  (And I have been given permission to do so.)  If you want to know who wrote it and to whom it was written - well, you'll just have to visit that blog.  Just thought this might help some of you out there struggling not only with the addiction but with life in general.  



You asked for a really big favor.  There are many who can help you to 'get your butt moving".  I thought I would share some thoughts and reflections on why you feel social anxiety when alone.  You are alone but you are safe - no harm will come to you.  To often we forget to think of or reflect on ourselves.   If we are addicted to anything the first thing we have to ask ourselves is "What am I afraid of"?  Fear is the root cause of many addictions and fear of loss is why most people find it so hard to quit.  If we could fully understand this concept quitting or coping would become a lot easer.  If we take something away - something has to replace it.  Sadly at times we replace it with social anxiety, depression or anxiety.  We are not just bodies; we are mind, body and spirit.  If all are in balance we will be happy functioning human beings.  


You gave up cigarettes - what did you replace this habit with?  You gave up alcohol - what replaced this habit?  And why did you smoke or drink in the first place?  Many people experiment with alcohol or cigarettes but not all become addicted - why do you?  Why did I?  I feel something was missing in our lives; something was lost.  **What was lost was the freedom, choice and ability to be who we really are - the individual we were meant to be. **We lost the ability to think or speak for ourselves, we lost the gift of free choice.  Many were raised in an environment where there was no support - no bonding - little love and no choice to share our dreams or desires.  And all along the way we convinced ourselves we are in charge and doing just fine. 


I am going to present a challenge to you.  Grab a box of Cheese its and a box of wheat thins and lots of cheese.  Sit down with a blank piece of paper and pen.  Your first words will be "Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will...


Now of course comes the hard part.  Reflect on your childhood a bit - what did you want to when you grew up?  How did you want to affect people in your life?  Right now what would make you happy?  I want you to create your life as - right now - would like it to be.  Would you like to wake up in California on Rodeo Drive, or maybe a villa in the South of France, or a large city.  What is your position - are you a Doctor working in the ER in a prestigious hospital in Boston?  Are you a teacher, a swim coach, a beauty consultant, or an exercise coach?  


There are no restrictions here - you have the education, the money, the time and talents.  All you need is to dream.