Good Things About Nicotine

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Feb 7, 2017

I put this on up on the site back in 2008.  I think after 9 years it might be good to put it up again.  Because there aren't too many of us who are still here on this site.  And someone new might just learn something from it.  I'll tell ya, Gary was an Elder on another site, who taught me much when I began this journey back in '06.  


Good Things About Nicotine by Gary (from another site)

Blog Post created by Giulia on Jul 22, 2008
  • Good things about nicotine (3/30/06)
Pursuing the use of nicotine has some adherent advantages.
You get to meet new people. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, surgeons,
morticians, religious leaders and the list goes on..........

You can get extended vacations in hospitals at different intervals being able to watch tv while resting in bed while getting a high with oxygen being fed to you or may be some drug like morphine to relieve some pain your having or some tube down your throat to help you breathe easier

You get to be an expert on different nebulizer and different medications to see the effect they have on you. You know like chest pains and breathing difficulties..........

Sometimes you can take time off work due to smoking and that gives you a chance to rest up while you crawl on the floor trying to breathe or just doing the jump dance of coughing spasms.

And you don't have to worry about putting money aside as you don't have any in the first place---because its always going up in smoke

And you don't have to worry about breathing foul odors as you can't smell anything any way.

And look at all the advice you get from friends, spouses, co-workers, doctors on how to make your life better..........

Not to mentioned about all the sins you can rid yourself of that are brought up by well intentioned friends and associates
You learn all about guilt, remorse and total humiliation that you can only learn from by using nicotine.......Wow!

Hell, you won't even have to deal with people, they will shun you.... Gives you more peace and quiet

You get to practice hiding in your smoke world where no one can bother you.....isn't that great?

And you know what the best part of this whole deal is? Yep!

You get to DIE!