Cling to your Quit

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Aug 16, 2016

Nothing makes me quite as sad as removing someone from the Elder’s List who has relapsed.  Probably not nearly as sad as it makes the person who forfeited their long-term quit.  I received a PM today from a member who fessed up.  They asked me to share their “cautionary tale,” and were honorable enough to ask to be removed from the Elder’s List.  This is a person who has fought HARD time and again for their quit.  They had a much longer-term quit, lapsed, reset their quit clock and finally got back on the Elder’s List.  That’s perseverance!  

You know WHY they relapsed?  Because they needed some comfort and they thought their ‘old friend,’ the cigarette, would give it to them.  Of course they didn’t really believe that.  Because they know better.  They know from experience it’s just cold addicted comfort.  It doesn’t mend the situation, doesn’t fix the heart ache doesn’t wrap it’s arms around you.  It just re-ignites that awful desperate need, the slavery.  And inevitably it makes for another Day One.  Because anyone who has tasted freedom can’t help but want a repeat.  That need, too, is great.  When the need to remain free is stronger than the need to smoke, relapsing will be a thing of the past.

Something I wrote a while back which I’ve just altered slightly:  I have one leg on the rock of commitment, the other on the rock of perseverance.  In my arms I cradle my quit and continue to nurture it as I shout to the world -  Not One Puff Ever!  I honor myself with the gift of freedom and embrace it for all I’m worth.

Will you say the same?

Cling to your quits, kids, ferociously!  Keep honoring the best in you.