Thoughts On Deleting Comments

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Jan 27, 2016

I spent quite a while composing what I considered a thoughtful  response to someone who had relapsed.  The purpose of which was to ultimately urge them to dig deeply into the reasons for the relapse and find out what opened that previously locked Option Door.  I also expressed my own to-the-point opinion on the usage of the word “slip.” The intent was to get this person to take responsibility for their actions.  They apparently did not appreciate my response, (nor that of some others)  felt that it was scolding, condescending and inconsiderate and thus deleted it.

There are other reasons one posts comments on blogs.  It is for the rest of the community that might be reading those responses as well.  It is part of the education one obtains here.  The varied opinions enable people to make up their own minds.  We often get into heated discussions about terms and methodology.  But the one thing we all agree upon is that smoking is slowly killing us and quitting is imperative.  

As I said in my response to this person: “...I don't have the same laissez faire attitude (if that's the right word? "the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, especially with reference to individual conduct") as many here.  And that's the beauty, I think, of this site.  We all get to speak our own individual truths.  And anybody here is welcome to take it or leave it as they will.”

What they are not welcome to do is delete it.  For though they may not have liked the response, they have prevented anyone else from reading it and perhaps gaining some knowledge from it - good, bad or ugly.  

However all is not lost when someone deletes your words.  (Especially if you keep a copy, which I do.)  For the process of responding in itself is a method of quit maintenance which lights it’s own fire in your brain and spurs you on to other, newer thoughts.  

Quitting is a tricky business.  Support is even trickier!



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