Blog Post created by Gergzz on Jul 6, 2020

   I thought about googling how many days it's been since I quit, but that doesn't matter to me. It feels like an eternity since I quit. It really was such a good decision and I've made a lot of positive changes. My house is in better shape, I'm working on my weight, and I've been hitting my financial goals. I still get anxious and things of that sort, but things like the box breathing method and cardio have helped out a lot. My gym is open so I go as soon as I wake up, to try and be the first to use the machine. Im meticulous about cleaning the machine before and after. Im all the way up to 45 minutes on the elliptical. Nothing feels better than getting a good sweat going, then taking a hot shower, brushing my teeth and putting on clean clothes. Feel like a million bucks.