104 days

Blog Post created by Gergzz on Jun 3, 2020

   It has been 104 days since I quit using nicotine. I feel great. The first 50 were some of the worst days I have experienced in my life, but Im glad that when I told myself, "It'll get better", I wasn't lying. I started my diet 2 days ago and so far, so good. When I first quit I went on quite the eating the spree, and It feels good to reign that in. The major turning point in my quit was after speaking to my doctor about how terrible I felt all day. He prescribed Wellbutrin and it has been all uphill since then. I feel better than before I started smoking. However, I still have nostalgic thoughts about smoking. Especially since it's getting warmer here. I remember being 16 smoking a cigarette on the back porch with my buddies, just talking crap. Something about those days. Anyway, I get great relief from my jog and sitting on the front porch focusing on breathing. The savings are adding up, and my attitude is more optimistic than ever