88 days

Blog Post created by Gergzz on May 16, 2020

Cannot believe I'm 88 days in. I'm definitely getting better. As the terrible anxiety fades I have strayed from things like writing in my journal and taking walks daily. I would like to get back into the habit of doing those. I'm working more than I have ever, almost 40 hours a week. Not spending it on garbage things like cigarettes or vapes has saved me a surprising amount of money. Although, having the money is nice It hasn't increased my happiness. Maybe it will when i buy the truck i really want. My weight has still been a problem and I keep using the excuse that the gym is closed. Which actually stinks because I really enjoy lifting. My focus has been on doing things that I like with my free time. The previous me would relax and watch TV on my days off work. Now when I have days off I get a chore done such as laundry or yard work then go fish or something i enjoy.