keep on keepin on

Blog Post created by Gergzz on Apr 20, 2020

      Today is day 60. I'm slowly starting to feel much better, but sporadically I'll still get anxiety. It only lasts for about 20 minutes at most but its agitating and feels like it comes out of no where. I still just feel like I don't know what to do with myself. Video games get boring after an hour and I've already walked the dog. I might mow the lawn here in a bit.


   It's definitely getting better it's just gradual. I need to find a hobby or something. I really want to hang out with my friends but I've been having the just one hit thought, which. I immediately stomp out but still brings worry. Im having a hard time seeing the health benefits as I've gained weight and this has ruined my mental health. I'm still saving money which is great I guess. Ive read studies that say up to 90% of ex smokers relapse which brings upon more anxiety because If I relapse I cannot see myself going through this garbage again. While all this is weighing on me I'm keeping hope that tomorrow will be a awesome day 


Hope your guys' day is going well