another day in paradise

Blog Post created by Gergzz on Apr 16, 2020

   This anxiety alone, is gonna drive me to vape. I know that it won't help, but anxiety isn't rational. How do people not addicted to nicotine relax? I don't feel like my usual self. TV is my only relief and even then I feel guilty. We aren't meant to stare at screens, thats not how I want to spend my existence. I am considering deleting social media from my phone. I feel that it's a bad habit. I don't usually post on them either, It's just me scrolling through other people complaining. It's more negative than positive. Work is Menial and It takes everything in me to not call off. I feel stressed out and I don't do anything. 


   I had another Tele-visit with my doctor. He was checking to see if the Wellbutrin has been helping. He said to give it another week. I for sure feel better than I did a week and a half ago and Im sure it can only get better, but it just sucks. Anyway I'm supposed to see a psychiatrist. Feeling optimistic