Blog Post created by Gergzz on Apr 6, 2020

   Today started off ok. I have developed a routine of waking up, showering immediately, and then walking the dog. This has been relaxing and gets my dog Bandit and I exercise. But right before I had to go to work I got some really bad anxiety (or a craving IDK how to differentiate). Once I got to work everything was going good my boss and I were joking around and I was in just a good mood for the first time in what felt like an eternity. I was so excited. I thought I had finally broken through and was able to realize that it was mostly in my head. I was imagining writing this blog telling you guys that I had a good day. But then I read something on Twitter that brought back the weird, uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal. From there it got worse, I read someone refer to it as stormy thinking. I think this describes it perfectly. I started feeling frantic and rushing what I'm doing. I don't know. I enjoyed the good part of the day, but am disappointed with how its coming to an end. 


How do you guys deal with going to work? what do you guys do on your breaks? 


Hope everyones day was good