This is rough

Blog Post created by Gergzz on Apr 4, 2020

   I woke up feeling anxious and off. I showered and then took the dog for a walk. During the walk I felt alright still anxious, but occupied. When I got home I kept having these weird thoughts and feelings. Upon searching my symptoms I found this

   Finding this sent me into a panic. This only happens when I get a really bad craving or panic attack, but even when these subside I'm left still feeling weird. Has anyone ever felt something like this? I only started having these thoughts and feelings since I quit nicotine. It has been 44 days and it feels as though Im never going to get better. I hope this is all anxiety and in my head, but I cant help but worry. Im having a hard time focusing and overall just still feel off. If anyone can commiserate with me that would calm me. 

   My mother works in the ICU and had to take care of two COVID patients last night which could be causing some of this. I called off work which I'm not sure was the right decision, but as soon as I did I felt a sense of relief. I almost broke down, and got a zero nicotine vape. I have no clue what that would solve, but I was hoping something would feel comforting. Im regretting everything right now, and feel scared that Im never going to feel normal again. 


Sorry to be downer, but I'm not in the best of spirits this afternoon