Im Back- still smoke free

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Aug 31, 2019

I haven't written or visited site for awhile- which is a mistake but still smoke free.


So about this time last year- I found out my wife was cheating on me- she had relapsed on pills 15 times after near death overdose in 2015.  I seperated to guest bedroom- my music studio.  She got on Facebook and hooked up with a high school guy she barely knew- he is an attorney.  I first got notice of divorce - On a Sunday no less- by email.  About three weeks later he sent me an email professing his love for my wife- and that I should let her go to him- in that email,he talked about what Christianity is about-this went on for months as I had to take care of liquidating our townhome and taking care of our 4 pets and having to find foster care for our two rabbit- which I finally got back and are with me now- while she is getting drunk and high at this attorneys place-  He even sent me a picture of the two of them together to my email.


I sent all this to the Ga Bar Association- they have been reviewing evidence over the last 7-8 month- he submitted sworn testimony that clearly shows he is a liar ( another way of pronouncing  lawyer actually) - evidence that clearly shows he, a true scumbag, was having a relationship with her while representing her.  This guy was already suspended for 6 months back in 2012.


So I finally get a letter from the Ga Bar on Friday- they have dismissed the whole thing- good ole boys that they are.


I have been so angry and depressed over this complete miscarriage of justice- they allowed this scumbag to get away with all this outrageous unethical behavior-  it has been devastating


Anyway- I don't know that I even believe in God anymore-  I am still smoke free somehow.  Knowing this guy has gotten away with taking in my troubled wife in- giving her a shoulder to cry on being the manipulator he is- let her get drunk and high- and she was telling me what a sick alcoholic he is the whole time- and condemn me after years of putting up with her drug and now alcohol abuse- is just about more than I can take.