Day 32!

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Aug 8, 2019

Ok  - so i guess I have made it to NML- day 32.  Not sure i remember that from previous quit- 


I have had some urges today for sure- usually after working-  I did a side pressure washing job for some side money today- hard work- it got hot later in the day- and afterward we are done- here comes urge.  I have gotten accustom to dealing with urges so I usually just deep breathe right thru it- I don't freak out - although sometimes it can hit me so fast that it almost takes may breath away!



One thing i remembered from my last quit-  I got this crazy feeling like i couldn't feel any difference as a non smoker from being a smoker-  The benefits don't seem as obvious for awhile- and I guess it is the addiction saying  "hey you feel the same- so go ahead and smoke again- there is no reason not to- I feel the same as i did as a smoker!  This is crazy I know- but that is what my mind will tell me at times!



Anywho- I am moving along into NML I guess- So i appreciate any suggestions from the community!



Best Wishes to all-