Closing out day 18!!

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 26, 2019

So I had a good night playing music- which is what I do for a living-  I have just turned 60 in June and still doing music- Live music for a living- unbelievable.  most people don't know I'm 60 by my looks- 


This last week has been tough- just saw a pic of my ex wife marrying the scumbag alcoholic attorney - must have just happened.  She is caught up in her addiction as is he most likely- I have a grievance case with the Ga bar against him- it has now gone to disciplinary board-  He acted as her attorney- sent me a divorce notice - on a Sunday- then sent me an email about 3 weeks later claiming to be in love with my wife- and more outrageous things i won't go into- most likely- he is in deep deep crap with the Bar



Anyway- between my ex wife drama all this last year- and a new woman I met that turns out to have her own problems as well- I sure can pick em!



I feel much better tonight- played outside patio gig- had good response- feeling upbeat and positive for a change.


I am really digging the non smoker life style-  I feel free again!!  i quit for 3 years about 4-5 years ago  Its all coming back to me again- being a non smoker- The only way to live!!


Thx to all