Day 12

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 20, 2019

So I have had a very busy week- Just now getting back on to post.  I am on day 12- still going-yet I have had a rough week.  I took on some side work which is really hard work as it turns out- work two nights this week till 4am and a third night till 2. At the end of these long night- the urge to smoke again hits hard- and at a time I am really tired so defenses are low.


Also got back involved with a relationship I had started back while i was in process of divorce.


We went down the Chattahoochee river together this week- had a great time- been talking and getting to know each other again- and then she says she wasn't comfortable with what we have been doing all week- light physical affection

like kissing etc and just broke everything off.  I believe she is pretty damaged person and is easily scared off.  It has made for personal drama for me and the urge to smoke again over feelings and anxiety is strong- this really sucks because I really have my heart involved with this woman.


I am sticking to my commitment- this emotional relationship stuff is very very difficult to stay smoke free through- just putting that out there


Thx for community support in advance