Moving into Day 5

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 12, 2019

So today is day 5 for me-I know expectations can work against me.  I am thinking hey Im thru the hardest part- and then the urge comes on!!  AArrgh!  I won't let it get me down.


Glad Im on the site to hear and get encouragement from others-  I know I smoked at a lot of emotions- smoking at discouragement just feeds on itself- defeated mentality-  Ive lived with that a lot - as well as trauma and drama and chaos in these last 4 years- marriage- constant drama- 


Today is a new week for me- smoke free- I want to feel great about this- sometimes it feels like I won't let myself 

feel good about myself- that I guess is also part of the recovery process


Today- I am getting strong urges again- so I just need to stay with my commitment- to not smoke no matter what-breathe thru and let whatever comes up emotionally- come up- don't fight it.  I used cigarettes to hold down painful emotions- I huffed em down- I could feel the desperation sometimes as i smoked those horrible foul smelling cancer sticks-trying not to feel what I don't want to feel


Thx Ex Community!