Tomorrow is Quit day

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 7, 2019

So I am on my final day of smoking and looking to start quit tomorrow.


I am a bit anxious- I know I have a lot of stored up emotions- especially anger over my divorce- wife cheated- also got into another relationship toward the end of my divorce proceedings that didn't end up well- more heartache.

So I know i know i have been smoking at all these emotions for a long time- I heard someone talking about how much energy it takes to hold down stored unprocessed emotions.


So I read another blog about- "Stay" from someone on this site- and that is my goal- to stay with whatever comes up and use the tools I find here- things to do to get thru the big cravings.


Anyway just wanted to make sure i posted at least once a day here- so 12 midnight- I putting out the last one - if not before


God help me- Ive done it before for 3 years- I know it won't be easy- but Im doing it