Any other 12 steppers out there?

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 5, 2019

So I know this breaks anonymity however I have a quit date coming up this Monday- I met with my sponsor and let him know- he knew i quit for a few days the previous week- he is also an ex smoker.  I have had an absolutely brutal year with my now ex wife and another relationship which most considered a rebound- gone south.


I have a question to throw out-I am in the middle of doing a 4th step inventory and my sponsor showed concern about having too much on my plate by adding this quit right now.


I am not looking to find a 12 step group- I have one for alcohol.  


I am looking for feedback on doing a 4th step inventory and starting a quit- after a brutal year of divorce.


I slept till almost 12 today- was up late- musician- not partying but working on music- its been really hot here in georgia and I woke up feeling like I had been run over  or something-just real low energy- I really want to get off this nicotine


Just thought I would throw this out there- I know sometimes getting too many options can muddy the waters but I decided to post anyway