Starting to crumble a bit...

Blog Post created by Galkar on May 13, 2019

I'm on day 16 and I am starting to crumble a little.  I have been very blessed with few cravings.  But today i'm having cravings that are off the charts.  I still can't seem to get every single nit out of my daughter's hair as much as I comb it.  I keep having to leave early from work for one doctor appointment or another.  Today's is completely unnecessary (cardiologist).... I'm 99.9999% positive my symptoms were absolutely nothing.  Seriously.  My daughter needs an x-ray to screen for suspicion of scoliosis.... SERIOUSLY?????  fml.  Furniture is being delivered on Wednesday and I think it's too big.  I TOLD my husband that we didn't have as much room as he thought, but nooooooo.... don't listen to me.  My daughter isn't going to MMA tonight because she is afraid to get more lice (I completely understand that). I gotta write a check for $3000+ on Wednesday when she gets braces on.  I'm just venting. I am sorry. Now...... let's try to spin it around...


If nothing else, my daughter's hair is super clean and so is the house. I read something different about the treatment and one thing says that they don't like dirty hair.... sooooo, either clean house or clean head...  at least something is clean.  The cardiologist appointment really probably isn't necessary. They had me wear a heart patch monitor for two weeks and I'm pretty sure nothing happened during that time, nor since. But better safe than sorry, right?  I'm not really sure how to spin the furniture that is too big into a positive.  I guess the fact that I got it on sale and am able to afford it.....  Same with the braces.  She's going to have a lot of dental work done, but we can afford it (not by much).


I'm coming here to vent, instead of using the downtime to bum a smoke from my co-worker.  It's really taking every ounce of energy today.