Blog Post created by Gail561 on Feb 15, 2020

Maybe I should get into the habit of writing a weekly post to say I am still smoke free and strong. To start this journey all I can say is be committed to your health and keeping your strength to the best of your ability. Whining or crying or throwing fits won't keep you smoke free but it may let go the tensions of the day. Sometimes it's not worth keeping stuff bottled up inside to explode. Of you do you may reach for that one puff that doesn't solve anything at all. Let yourself feel and don't hide and face whatever going on is better than the alternative. So much in life to see and feel and touch without smoking makes it alot brighter. Heres to more smoke free days and laughter. Remember deep breaths and positive thoughts goes a long way. I will not could not smoke again as I would be right back where I started...that wasn't a good place for me.