Keep Your Strength

Blog Post created by Gail561 on Feb 8, 2020

Keep my strength - don't give up - not always about smoking or having a chronic respiratory illness.

It's about learning to become stronger when you feel there are thousand bricks on top of you!

Learning that you can still do the best job you can when you can't even come up for air some days.

Your co-worker who can laugh and goof will be the one that gets her work eased up a bit.

If that's not the kicker well they changed the phone system at work so we have more product lines to deal with an more of a "one" type company than before.

I won't get into details but if I didn't have my strength or my family I would probably walk out the door.

I like my job with dealing with my customers but the other crap that goes with it not so much.

There is too much of a split room atmosphere that can be choking at times.

Sorry I am not on here every day - to write my thoughts.

I can tell you I am still smoke free after 1301 days and not going back.

I have been spending some of my extra time after work - catching up on work to not feel like I am drowning.

The type of work I do doesn't really matter I know it pays the bills and keeps me going.

When the chips and cards are down what do you do fold or go forward?

So far I am not throwing down my hand quite yet but still standing strong.

Learning gratitude and appreciating the little things have helped me on days I just want to scream out and say I had it.

I will not / could not throw my life away due to any job or what it takes to keep me professionally sane.