Strength vs Weakness

Blog Post created by Gail561 on Nov 15, 2019

My strengths versus weakness - not sure really what to call this blog of mine....

Sometimes this is sort of like my self assessment that I need to write for my job.

You know the one that says blah blah blah and why I can do this or that....

We all go through it at some point either at work or what ever I need to conquer.

Well I found that once I cried my old self away and looking back at what it cause me to lose and win in some respect.

I learned there was a stronger person inside of me one that can stand tall and fall down a few times.

Since I stopped smoking and looked back and seen the progress I made smoking no longer in the picture.

I thought at one time they were on hold but nah that wasn't the case either.

I was meant to stop and see what life was about unfortunately it took away some of my motivation.

I am slowly learning to take back a sense of awareness that I hadn't really felt before.

I didn't really choose to quit per say --- I was told to quit or truly suffer more than I could muster.

Well the weakness lost as I no longer pay or try to smoke any longer.

I try to treat people the way I want to be treated.

Can you tell me or share with us some of your strengths versus weakness since you stopped smoking?


I spent a lot of time on quitnet which helped me understand what I am going through.

I know they are packing up and no longer going to be available resource soon.

I did learn that pledging daily and offering what my triumphs and downfalls were truly helped others.

I also learned there were others like me with the same health issues and battles I wasn't alone.

I have a feeling that I am not alone here either and that the support I have received or will receive will keep me in a positive light.

I am not ready to share my health battles quite yet as I am not going to be defined by my chronic illness. 

Each day I learn to cope and become stronger and a better person.

Motivation is definitely a key - now if I can only finish that darn work self assessment.

I will get there in time and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Life is a journey we either follow it through or get lost in the darkness.

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