It's been a while

Blog Post created by Fuji on Nov 10, 2018

So such a dang relief to finally be getting somewhere! I'm ready to quit again and have so much going for me.



I relapsed because of the unfortunate weight gain. As if I don't have enough weight on me, I just don't need more! Calorie counting just hasn't worked thanks to insulin resistance, pcos, and hypothyroidism. Those 3 in 1 person, makes loosing weight a mountain.  It's not as simple as normal people that CICO works. It takes carb counting or just eliminating most carbs all together such as bread, pasta, rice, corn, most fruit, etc.  It was really frustrating and the weight gain just brought my self esteem to the valley of despair. 


I can't say I'm not upset at myself for all the failed attempts but I know I can at least do it again.  I wanted to try on halloween but glad I didn't.  Our house was swarmed with kids! I felt like they never had a regular trick or treat, it's all that pathetic trunk r treat which ISN'T TRICK R TREATING!


I start tomorrow.