Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Days

Blog Post created by FreeandClear on Mar 15, 2017

Hi All - it's been a long time since I've been here but I needed to come today.  It's been 925 days since I gave up cigarettes and until recently, the thoughts of smoking a cigarette were so far away and so far and in between that I felt I no longer needed the support I got when I came here; that is so not true.  Today and in previous days lately I have questioned myself about whether I could smoke one cigarette... just one... and then leave them alone. 


Well when I logged on here, I was lost because like I said it's been a long time - and everything was different (new site) but I somehow landed in an area where blogs were from quitters who had that same thought as I've been having and they tested the waters and became addicted all over again.  To those who blogged there, it's unfortunate and I hope you've gotten back on your feet and plowed forward but know that you were my deterrent and your blog was what I needed to read.  


So, even though I felt I didn't need to come here, in my time of need this was the first and only place I thought of.  

Glad I came.  925 days smoke free.