Chantix/Champix - Nasty side effects

Blog Post created by Free2BU on Mar 1, 2018

 Have you read about the physiological side effect of is mind blowing, and especially if you already have a few issues with depression etc  Bad Side Effects of Chantix | LIVESTRONG.COM.  Do yourself a favour and read these.  It also take a very long time to get out of your system, doubled with the fact that you are in NML.... My sympathies are with you, and feel that armed with the right information, you will be able to deal with your current circumstances so much better.


I have first hand knowledge of these side effects, as both my husband and myself gave up together with the assitance of  Champix,and all of a sudden my husband turned completely and utterly phyco on me....even at my birthday party he went absolutely mad pushing people and shouting and abusive.  I have never in our 25 years of marriage seen him like this.  A very good friend who was witness to this, then sent me an article about Chantix (in South Africa it is called Champix).  I was completely blown away and sent this onto my husband.  Then it all came out, he has been falling out at work, had road rage incidences and various other things had been going on.  He immediately stopped taking it, but it took a very long to to exit his system and for him to even begin to feel normal again, he was very depressed.  I on the other hand did not have the same symptoms at all.  I was only taking half a tablet in the morning and half at night, so very mild dose for about 3 weeks only.  With all of the information in hand, he was able to guide himself and realise that this was not him, but the drug that had taken hold.  Please arm yourself with this information and the people around you and you will be amazed at how you suddenly realize what has happened to you.  GOOGLE about, for some people its fantastic (worked for me) for others it is a complete disaster to you and your life.....Below is an exert of one persons view.. 


For Smoking Cessation "Here is what nicotine does to your brain... Nicotine also can have effects on the parts of the brain that sense pleasure. When nicotine gets into the brain, it is able to stimulate the release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine activates some of the neurons in the part of the brain that register pleasure. As a result, nicotine triggers a chemical sensation of pleasure, which causes people to associate tobacco use with a feeling of pleasure. Here is what Chantix does to it... Chantix messes with the part of the brain that senses pleasure, looks forward to things, has hope for tomorrow. It takes that all away. I took Chantix and the effects were catastrophic. Needed three meds to counter it. Stay away!"


Please, I truely hope that this helps, not only you, but a lot of other people that are on this site.  Like any drugs you take, some can work for you and some can totally alter your mindset and harm you, it all just depends.


Good luck with the Non-Smoking and keep it up....Dont slip backward, go only forwards and I hope that you find the help you need to get through this truely horrible time.