25 Days - Feeling Proud

Blog Post created by Free2BU on Aug 3, 2017

So I have made it to 25 days smoke free and am feeling extremely proud.  I have had a few stressful situation to encounter (daughters emergency appendix removal!!!!) and ups and downs at work, where by I could easily have given in to temptation and that devil on my shoulder, but I have not.


I must say now more than ever it is when I have got through these situations, that I feel that I want a cigarette to almost congratulate myself!! Like it is a reward for a job well done, a moment to sit back and reflect....I have however refrained and the moment passes.  


These situations are the exact reason that I have slipped up before and gone and had a cigarette thinking one wont do any harm, and it then becomes a slippery slop back to smoking.  


So guys, I am holding on tight to my quit and am very proud with my steps and acknowledgement thus far.