11th Day and challenge ahead

Blog Post created by Free2BU on Jul 20, 2017

Today is my 11th successful day of no smoking.  I am proud to say, I think very little about smoking, because I dream about it ALL NIGHT LONG....haha that I wake up exhausted from all the smoking I did in my dreams. (very weird).  I have however taken up a new habit....EATING!!!  and I mean everything...I never had a sweet tooth, but now I have an incredible sweet tooth...Jelly babies, wine gums, chocolate, Hot Chocolate, sheewweee the list goes on.  I have now been to the shops and stocked up on food at work.  I now have naartjies (South African oranges), grapes, banana's, nuts and raisins, to hopefully eat a bit more health conscious foods.  So will see how long it take to devout this amount of food.  Hmmmm


However, I am off to book club tonight and this is going to be my first challenge since I have stopped smoking. Book club does involve a lots of also involves Wine, Dinner and my awesome friends.  At the moment i am taking a few deep breaths, and hitting that devil off my shoulder so that i do not even have to think about it, but it is definitely in the forefront of my mind.  I know I wont have even one puff, but I just hate being in that predicament...whereby you have to make a choice!!! You have to make a conscious effort to think about not smoking.


Anyway, I know I will be fine...just sharing my thoughts for now.


Keep up the good work everyone....See you on the other side.