5th time and last time

Blog Post created by Free2BU on Jul 17, 2017

Well today i am 7 days, 21hrs and 35min a non smoker.  I have not smoke 118.50 cigarettes and i am feeling strong.  The week has been okay, except for a few cravings along the way, but I know the drill, and this is my 5th attempt at giving up.  I have smoked for 33 years and now it has to be the end.  I turn 50 next year and I am not going into my 50's smoking.....N.O.P.E.  Each time that I have given up, it sneaks up on you way down the line (3mth,6mth, 1year) and you give in to the devil that sits on your shoulder, begging you to take a puff.  Well not this time buddy!!! I am so determined, to a point of excitement.  I actually get butterfly's in my stomach when I think about the changes that I am, and are going to make, and how my life is going to change.  However, I am under no illusions that I could get too over confident, but this time is certainly different.  I seem to have a different approach, a more determined approach.  All the other times, I really really missed it, from the minute I gave up, until to the minute I took a puff and then the downward spiral.  This time I casually gave pressure no drama.  Just finished my last cig and never bought again.  I also joined this group, read a short pocket version of Allen Carr " The little book of Quitting", which I keep in my handbag,downloaded a phone app called "Cessation Nation"  and read loads of information.  I also have 2 people who are now 2 months quit at work and this also helps, as we constantly support one another.


This time I can definitely do it....All I have to do is N.O.P.E.