Out in left field

Blog Post created by Francis58 on Nov 24, 2018

Today was my first day of not smoking and I felt at many times out of control. I realized what stuffing your feelings really meant when I lost it with my daughter. She recently started vaping and it hasnt really bothered me. She is 23 and a recent college graduate working full time and doing her own thing and a lot of other things that kind of  irk me but I always let it go. When I see something that bothers me out into the backyard I go to have a ciggerette; calm down relax. But today was different. She knew today was my first quit day but decided to vape in the bathroom. I got so mad and angry over this action of hers. I went on and on and on! Before she could respond I was crying with an apology..kind of alone out  in left field with no place to run. She looked said wow and left for the day and did not return. So I need to get a better grip on the emotions going forward. Without the ciggs I am more emotional and not prepared. I had too much food that included pizza, Chinese food, and bad snacks. I did drink a lot of water and I also exercized with a long morning hike. But I got through the day without smoking and feel a sense of power.