The toughest time of my life

Blog Post created by Forem-mylife69 on Nov 17, 2020

Today was really hard I was grouchy at everyone who even tried to talk to me but I made it through.

This morning I'm wanting a cigarette so bad but I'm not going to give in so I'm going for a walk. The day didn't get any easier but I made it through. 2 days down!! Yes.

This morning I just started with a walk and didn't give myself time to think I know this isn't going to be easy but I have to beat this. At this point I hate everyone and they hate me but I made it another day.

Day 4 I have the worst headache ever but I'm pushing thru and not smoking.

Another day of this struggle but I am going to make it. Fw... I did make it through this day still bad headache though. I'm hoping this goes away soon.

5days I've made it somehow and I'm going to keep on keeping on. This isn't for the weak and weary . Fw I made it too.

Day 6 I'm struggling with myself today but I'm not gonna to give in. Gotta keep busy. Water /lemon/ faith. I made it.

Another day another struggle to stay focused and busy. Fw... I made it.

I am at day 8 now and still I am having my moments when I feel like I'm just fighting a losing battle but I keep pushing through...

I've made it to 15 DOF Things are getting a lot easier to cope with. I know I'm not nearly through this horrendous adventure of becoming a non smoker. I've failed at this a few times before but at least I know what made me fail and I have so much more to work with through the education of this site and the fabulous people who are here to help us all. I don't post everyday it's easier for me to just type it as it goes and let you guys know I've made it this far. Thank you for your help and support with this journey!!♥