Blog Post created by Finchie1 on Jan 29, 2017

Was watching a movie, suicide squad, just sayin, started having a craving, looked at the time and waited 15 min.  I have been thinking about pushing my quit date back and i'm not sure if it is an excuse or because I feel like I don't have this relearning thing down to a point where I am confident enough to put it into action.  I read about excuses and stuff for pushing it back or putting it off.  But I was thinking, I don't want to fail this time.  I don't do well with withdrawls and I just wish I knew the right way for me to do this.  My husband and I are tense with each other.  I have been very difficult to deal with< and I have recognized and apologized for it;  but at the same time, I wish he would be a little stronger for me right now. He and I have been through some craziness, which, 5 years later, still dealing and trying to recover from.  I am very quick to take stuff out on him; right or wrong.  Anyway, getting off track here, really wanted to see what u guys have to say about pushing the quit date back and if my reasons or excuses are valid.  Any advice would be helpful!!