Why Wait?  Body Talkin’ to Me

Blog Post created by FemmeArtiste on Sep 22, 2019

  Wow!  Today - a sudden awakening occurred, as my routine was intercepted for the morning to smoke (lost - now all thrown out in association with that topic), and Shocking yet Brilliant were words 

Jeering - suggested earlier today: that one’s body can regain its health, if You Give It a Chance.  Wow!!  

Am Down! Fired Up!

  Just so East Coast!  Thank You!


   . Wake up, so clear in my mind’s eye - that Today I Join BecomeanEx with sincerity and truth.  

    Made some changes to rid any remembrance of IT in this basement studio, sweeping porch - and at my desk....  accomplishing like I enjoy doing.


   Quit Date today: Sept 22, 2019.  1st husband passed 5 yrs ago, yesterday, from emphysema, so I feel this commitment in honor of My own life and to respect who he was for his son, while here on earth.  


                Here is is our son, Jonathan: (a non-smoker) 24 yo



    Jonathan, doing this for Us, also.  You’re The Best, so I will be at my best.


Thank You All for being Here - BecominganEx.


Peaceful daze,