On Being Brave with Fortitude and Honesty

Blog Post created by FemmeArtiste on Sep 21, 2019

Meant to express determination - my tincture is working to end this bacteria!  

Olive oil with Eucalyptus (antiseptic), Thyme (kills biofilm protecting mrsa), and Peppermint (kills anaerobic properties), essential oils - are Working a Miracle!


    How Many Times, since February 21, 2019, did I think - feel - and doubt - if I could endure Another entire day of physical pain, having to fight a microbial beast (no, not the nicotine monster whom I will Face on October 4th in full regal glory as my opponent) this is called MRSA!  


    This is important info for all to know just how powerful one’s mind can be, when dealing with obstacles about survival to stay alive - brutal obstacles.  Never heard of it before that day on February 21st, after my right thigh began really throbbing after repeatedly brushing my jeans against the steering wheel of ex’s SUV.  You see, i was driving his unwashed (never cleaned inside or out) Hyundai Santa Fe, because my daughter ... cut to the point, had beat my head, and jaws so so bad on xmas eve, jumping onto of my head that already has endured abuse, giving me whiplash (as I held out the keys to her to my black Hyundai Sonata, giving to her to drive).  Yep, psychotic and is in house upstairs w ex, 22 yo.  


    I was hospitalized unable to walk, use my arms, and tongue curled for 5 days.  10 days in the hospital, w “concussion.”  Complexities developed - she then totaled “Black Beauty” when I was delirious sort-of, trying to regain motor skills, while she had my car keys, which ended that, it into the ground.  Keep-on, NYC taught me a lot, 7 yrs there...


   Well fast forward.   From that thigh eruption with a huge pus lump at Urgent Care on February 21, 2019,  I was given for “heavy mrsa,” on my thigh - a Resistant antibiotic for 10 days, making it worse.  I’m talking horrid gruesome holes, infection supreme, Really Rough Stuff - I had to handle Alone - with 5 heads and 12 eyes.


  Meanwhile, I immediately jumped into fanatically researching How to Save My Life, next turning to essential oils before the next few months of a PCP not addressing correctly.  This could be like a Living Nicotine Monster, mrsa bacteria - now plateaued to being internalized into my soft tissue skin of rt thigh, my left ankle, travels up to my lower jaw where daughter caused me great harm.   Sort of Heavy!


   And the most Proactive approach is Hygiene - Calcium Bentonite Clay (a Strong salve which with a Thyme essential oil, breaks down the biofilm surrounding the mrsa (a Marcon), applying Manuka Honey, 3 showers daily, changing cotton stretch dressing on any area infected 3-4 times daily.  Plus, internally: tons Of Garlic Capsules, Oregano Oil Capsules, coconut oil, Manuka Honey, no gluten, Saccharomyces Boulardius (so no c. diff. Returns!), and no sugar at all, water, you’ve got the point.  Must know, have to stay in isolation!  Always and special microbial bleach w laundry o hot.  3-5 loads of wash daily and cleaning of all surfaces for mrsa, and antomizer with eucalyptus essential oil for airborne properties!


  Beginning of last month, August- after 5 days unconscious in ICU being hospitalized June 26 - July 7, from exhaustion- I Thought I Had WON this Battle with MRSA!  Nope! Lurking.  .  .


Rock It


  Now, Monday, will have again this brutal beast assessed by a Competent MD, get to an infectious disease MD pronto (have current video from iPhone magnifying this beast) get it handled, and


  Carry on to Overcome any obstacles which attempt to deter me from

                                           Living - A Creative Fun Life!  


    That is how I am Looking at the Nicotine Monster, also.  Use my NYC Motto , and Rock It right.


Peaceful Daze