My NYC Motto - To Quit Icky Smoking

Blog Post created by FemmeArtiste on Sep 19, 2019

NYC is where I experienced tremendous discipline, creative growth, from this motto -


I think it is a Must have close by my side now, as I am Determined to overcome physical urges or craving to do that bad habit.


Here is what I learned from 7 years of living in NYC  1985-1992, to focus my mind to achieve a desired goal:

     1.  Protect and Defend

     2.  Persevere and Overcome!

     3.  Believe In Miracles - AND MAKE IT HAPPEN


  Will have to be flexible and young at heart, being kind to myself.  

Thanks all for being here - this is Super Big for me, this Commitment upcoming on October 4th, 2019.

Going for some education and clean-up studio.