Why I stopped Smoking

Blog Post created by Fefun on Nov 1, 2017

I have 3 Children. I love them to the Moon and Back. I do not want them to smoke. I have an olbigation to my family to not leave them Fatherless. I also had a suspicion that smoking was in fact an addiction. I also had terrible sinuses, and noticed that breathing is more difficult than in my 30’s. I used to sweat profusely. I love my wife , I have put her through a lot of **** with all my addictions (Alcohol 03/07/2017-06/2014, Methamphetamines 05/2014-2012, Opiates 2010-2006ish ) I want  to live long enough to make her life easier, and to show my gratitude for her sticking by me. I want to be around long enough to provide for her.  SHE has been through enough hell because of my addictions, I don’t want her to suffer through the devastating effects on my health that this will likely cause to me. (if I somehow cheat death). My wife did not want me to quit smoking because she was worried it was to much for me to handle, like it might cause me to slip or relapse one of my other addictions- but I insisted I needed to quit, it’s what I wanted for me. I want to be a good example, I do not want to miss out on life. Thank you for listening, and You all have my VERY BEST WISHES ALWAYS,

George T. 

09:45PM Arizona Time

49th evening of Freedom

(Quit date 09/12/2017)