Being Tempted

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 28, 2017

Okay so my friend came yesterday an shes a smoker an yall know how bad I been feeling being on a laxative well yesterday she came over just a little information she's with my 1st cousin an me an her been friends all through jr an highschool so we got years with each other well anyways they both smoke an she had the nerve to ask me to come outside an sit with her I said girl I can't stand the smell an last time I as AROUND you when you smoked I got sick I was having a runny nose an everything and my throat got scratchy I think I'm allergic to cigarette smoke lol I'm serious I cut my visit short with her an my cousin I was like making excuses up so they would leave I'm serious y'all I don't wanna get sick again y'all remember when I had a bad bronchitis infection uh I was down three weeks with that mess well I guess they got the hint  I was saying like I gotta cook supper an I got to wash clothes just stuff for them to leave y'all I can not be around cig smoke I'm serious like they was smoking outside and I smelled it in my house I was getting the red aws an fast then im thinking back man I wonder how many people I made sick with my cigarettes. They did Respect me though they didn't smoke on my porch at all they went outside in my yard so I was happy about that. And I use to have ashtrays everywhere too like you needed a ashtrays I'll hook you up everytime because I had 100 of them anyways I HAVE 34 DOF so happy I can actually say I am so done with cigarettes for a life time an sanwol56 we will be elders on that list