Meetings an Rehab an Job

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 22, 2017

Okay so I applied for pizza hut I live like right down the road from pizza hut I got a interview to see the manager Monday its just something to fall back on I can't depend on anyone I need my Independence back and also Monday he's gone see about attending more meetings I can't give up on him he is proving himself to me not just words actions behind his words rehabilitation isnt a Option but prison is an he said he doesn't want to lose his family and we talked about everything an he wants me to go to AA meetings with him he never asked me ever to go with him so that's a first to support him and he's working right now he's like this kind of Alcoholic he keeps a job he pays all the bills and he still drinks an still drives safe does that make any sense? Well he said nomore so I said I gotta see improvement but I hope I get the job at pizza hut it's not much but it will be extra cash I can put up for me an kids if he doesn't follow through with what he saids my mama always told me felicia no matter what always have a back up plan so that's it for now it's something you know. Have a blessed Sunday Everyone!! And before I close this  Aalon meetings r so far away from where I live butttt I found a chat site for Aalon meetings and I can attend online so that's gonna help me alot. An out wedding is called off til he gets clean time under his belt at least a year  so me getting married is not in my future yet with him God will let me know when it's the right time.