Later in November

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 19, 2017

The wedding is pushed back til next month it's just to much going on in October for us to plan a wedding I found a dress it's really nice and simple i actually found it at stage a store that's like suppose to be really expensive but I got my dress for $45.00 and my dress is florals cream with blue flowers more like faded blue an alot of cream an it's long sleeve an I love it...And he found a shirt it's dark blue an a cream tie it's gonna look so good on him but we do want all of our family an friends there to see us get married. So November is when we are gonna get married haven't made a date yet..can you say hangover yes I have one!!! But I'm up an cleaning my house and I'm frying chicken today with my homemade mash potatoes an homemade gravy I make well my husband is frying the chicken he's off three days this week Wed Thurs Fri so he's wanting to cook! So I'ma sit back an watch him I am doing my potatoes an gravy though with fried cornbread! The kids love it Its my recipe I call it Indian Bread! Just fried butter cornbread in a black skillet that's all that is. I haven't craved a cigarette an when I say I want one I'm like NOPE and just go about whatever I'm doing and my craves don't last at all like they did at the beginning but everyone have a great Thursday!